Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Brand Awareness Campaign

Frisbie brand awareness campaign
Brand Awareness Tv Spots

As part of an initiative to increase awareness of Frisbie Memorial Hospital, Rumbletree launched a brand awareness campaign that rolled out in 3 phases over the course of a year. The campaign featured real patients and people from the community in order to elevate the Frisbie tagline “It’s about People. Technology. Trust.” by treating the messaging in a few different ways.

Frisbie website collage

The campaign drove to Frisbie’s website, so Rumbletree simultaneously developed a beautifully re-designed and responsive website for Frisbie Memorial Hospital. Due to the campaign call-to-action, a new, mobile-friendly, optimized site and an updated SEM/SEO strategy, website visits YOY increased 15%.

Frisbie social media its about you
Social Media Graphics
Frisbie social media its about ria
Frisbie social media #itsabout
  • Frisbie memorial bus wrap

    Bus Wraps

  • Frisbie memorial gallery image 2

    Bus Shelters

  • Frisbie memorial gallery image 3

    Trolley Wraps

  • Frisbie memorial gallery image 4


  • Frisbie memorial gallery image 5

    Internal Signage

  • Frisbie memorial gallery image 6

    Internal Signage

  • Frisbie memorial gallery image 7

    Internal Signage

  • Frisbie memorial gallery image 8

    Internal Signage

Using a variety of tactics throughout this campaign allowed for both targeted and big reach efforts that proved successful. We also brought the campaign into the hospital itself with large interior signage pieces that had a positive impact internally.

Frisbie social media campaign June 2016
Social Media Campaign
Frisbie social media campaign July 2016
Frisbie social media campaign April 2016

Through social media, we launched a campaign where engagement with #ItsAbout benefited a monthly charity, which raised over $6,000 while increasing Frisbie’s followers online by about 400%.

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