New Hampshire Tourism

“Summer Inspiration” Campaign


For 2015, Rumbletree orchestrated a complete brand evolution and summer campaign launch simultaneously, The new creative takes New Hampshire's 'Live Free' brand to a more vibrant, modern place, while still retaining its authenticity. Rumbletree unveiled the refreshed brand with a fully-integrated, largely digital summer campaign that weaves New Hampshire’s 'Live Free' platform into the fabric of consumers' lives.

New Hampshire Tourism Print Ads
Print ads

Coordinated video and photography shoots allowed for consistent messaging.

A graphic tile system—designed from the start with social and mobile interaction in mind—was integral to the campaign.

Inspiration Tiles

Bite-sized graphic squares—perfect for sharing—were produced in quantity to create a rich tapestry of the ‘Live Free’ experience.

New Hampshire Tourism Photographers' Square
New Hampshire Tourism Waterfalls Square
New Hampshire Tourism Lakes Square
New Hampshire Tourism Local Flavors Square
New Hampshire Tourism Lakes Square
New Hampshire Tourism Camping Square
New Hampshire Tourism Breweries Square

The tile system provided a deep well of messaging for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the Summer Inspiration site.

New Hampshire Tourism Inspiration Squares
New Hampshire Vacation Inspiration Website 1
Inspiration Website

Rumbletree redesigned the website, integrating our summer campaign messaging and updating the entire look and feel.

New Hampshire Vacation Inspiration Website 2

A custom 'Vacation Inspiration' section housed the powerful new summer video, and utilized our inspiration tiles to showcase dozens of vacation ideas. The overall result was an immersive and inspirational experience.

New Hampshire Tourism Pandora Graphics
New Hampshire Tourism Taxi Video
In-Taxi Video
New Hampshire Tourism Digital Transit
Digital Transit
New Hampshire Live Free Summer Transit 1
New Hampshire Live Free Summer Transit 2

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