Kindle Fitness

Brand Launch

Kindle—the fitness firm, not the e-reader—needed an identity based on their goal of having fun through physical fitness and a commitment to change. We developed their logo and tagline and created a brand identity that matched their mission of providing a safe, supportive environment for people to achieve their fitness goals.

Kindle Fitness logo

The new logo conveys Kindle's core philosophy—the path to health and wellness starts with a spark that comes from within.

“Fitness starts within. This simple mind shift allows you to take control of your fitness and wellness goals. We are here to support you when you are ready.”

Sheila Harding, Kindle Fitness

Kindle Fitness screen

Kindle needed a web presence to attract a limited number of like-minded clientele.

Kindle Fitness screen

Rumbletree designed a sleek and simple site to convey their unique approach to fitness.

Kindle Fitness shirts
Kindle Fitness business cards
Business Cards

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