Media Buying

Develop a Media Strategy That Gets to the Heart of Your Goals.

Are you looking for a digital agency that specializes in media buying, planning and thought leadership? You’ve found us.

Our Process

We’re dedicated to your success. We’ll develop a media strategy that gets the heart of your goals – who you’re trying to reach, and the best ways to reach them. We’ll take a methodical and customized approach to understanding the needs of the business in order to maximize on the success factor.

Media Services

Media Strategy & Planning

Rooted in consumer research and media expertise, your media plan is tailored to deliver on your business objectives. The plans are customized to reach the right people, at the right time, at the right place to incite action. When working with Rumbletree you'll consistently receive innovative media solutions.

Media Buying & Negotiation

The power of relationships is critical. Our relationships run deep, and our sales representatives are our business partners. We always push for added value opportunities and enhancements to make sure the investment of your dollar is taken to its full potential.


Our job doesn’t end with the approval of your plan and buy. We’re constantly thinking about your business and making your investment count from the day we meet to the post buy analysis where we’ll make sure your plan ran accordingly. We’ll ensure impressions were met and that all orders were executed on according to what was planned.

Budget Management & Invoice Reconciliation

We’ll manage your media budget. Marketing departments are now more understaffed than ever. We’ll accept media invoices on your behalf, track them against your budget, and send along to you within 1-2 business days.

Reporting & Analytics

We’ll provide a full report throughout the campaign as well as a final results presentation showing you the full extent of how well your campaign performed. We’re always watching your campaign behind the scenes – checking conversion rates, conducting A/B testing with creative, and shifting budgets into the places where the most actions are being generated.

Types of Media

Rumbletree is experienced in buying media of all types, including:

  • Television/Video
  • Out of Home
  • Transit
  • Social Media
  • Radio
  • Digital
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Print
  • Mobile
  • Experiential
  • Sponsorships

Don’t see it here? Talk to us. We live for creating custom ideas and out of the box solutions for all types of businesses, products and services.

The Rumbletree Difference

We’re an extension of your marketing department. In today’s world, most companies and advertising agencies do not have the constant media work load to keep a full time media employee on staff. That’s where we come in. We’re your partner – part of your marketing team. We’re innovative and have experience across many fields and have the capability to turn strategic, creative thinking into persuasive and influential marketing. Interested in growing your business? Drop us a line.

Let us help you

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